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Boletim Financeiro Verde 4

Notícias da Semana sobre o Mundo Financeiro Verde: 26/8/2023 - 1/9/2023

Foto de uma usina de Energia Eólica

1) Carbon offsets aren’t helping the planet — four ways to fix them

Pricing credits according to how much carbon is removed, for how long and how reliably, would direct funding to the most effective climate solutions.

Fonte: nature

Por: Philip W. Boyd

29 de Agosto de 2023

2) Tragédia Antártica: Dez mil filhotes de pinguim-imperador morreram

Dez mil filhotes de pinguim-imperador morreram ao cair nas águas gélidas. A culpa seria da crise mundial do clima.

Fonte: O Eco

Por: Aldem Bourscheit

29 de Agosto de 2023

3) Reflorestamento: Governo vai licitar 100 mil hectares na Amazônia

Renato Rosenberg, diretor de concessões do Serviço Florestal Brasileiro, diz que BNDES, BID e IFC farão editais

Fonte: Capital ReSet - UOL

Por: Vanessa Adachi

29 de Agosto de 2023

4) Afforestation carbon sequestration projects found to be less effective than grasses in tropical savannas

Global warming's ever-increasing toll on the planet has been a focus of mitigation strategies in recent years, with carbon sequestration projects playing a more prominent role in drawing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to store in solid or liquid form and therefore decrease the abundance of this greenhouse gas.

Fonte: Phys.Org

Por: Hannah bIRD

29 de Agosto de 2023

5) Verra Releases Version 4.5 of the VCS Standard

Verra has published updates to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program. The changes in version 4.5 of the VCS Standard (PDF) and updated versions of associated VCS Program documents will strengthen the program’s usability, transparency, and integrity, and align it with major global carbon markets initiatives, such as the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM) and the Carbon Offsetting Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).

Fonte: VERRA

29 de Agosto de 2023

6) The bacteria that can capture carbon

Could minuscule organisms help the world meet its climate goals?

Fonte: BBC

Por: Isabelle Gerretsen

29 de Agosto de 2023

7) Flora, fauna and … funga: campaigners call for new term for conservation talks

Fungi should be recognised and protected on equal footing with plants and animals, says Fungi Foundation

Fonte: The Guardian

Por: Mattha Busby

30 de Agosto de 2023

8) Verra Releases Updated AFOLU Non-Permanence Risk Tool

Verra has released an updated version of the Non-Permanence Risk Tool (NPRT) for Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use (AFOLU) projects. The NPRT provides the procedures for conducting the non-permanence risk analysis for AFOLU projects and calculating their buffer pool contributions.

Fonte: VERRA

30 de Agosto de 2023

9) Shell Scraps Its $100M Carbon Offset Plan

Europe’s biggest oil major, Shell PLC, secretly ditched its plan to spend $100 million a year on carbon credits, which is the largest offset program among corporations, after 6 months its new chief executive officer Wael Sawan took office.

Fonte: Carbon Credits

Por: Jennifer L

31 de Agosto de 2023

Boletim Financeiro Verde


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