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Boletim Financeiro Verde 11

Notícias sobre o Mundo Financeiro Verde: 25/11/2023 - 8/12/2023

Siblings Serafina and Keanan pose side by side on a bed underwater off the coast of Fiji in photographer Nick Brandt’s series “SINK / RISE.”

1) Brazil to propose mega fund to conserve forests at COP28 climate summit

Brazil plans to propose a "huge" fund to pay for the conservation of tropical forests at the United Nations COP28 climate change summit that begins later this month in Dubai, the country's top climate negotiator said on Thursday.

Fonte: Reuters

Por: Jake Spring and Lisandra Paraguassu

Data: 23 de Novembro, 2023

2) The Death of the Amazon River Dolphin

'The Amazon region is suffering from a vast drought, which has already resulted in the deaths of hundreds of river dolphins. Researchers are trying to determine if it is a sign that the "tipping point" has been reached.

Fonte: Spiegel International

Por: Jens Glüsing

Data: 22 de Novembro, 2023

3) Brasil vai levar à COP28 proposta de fundo mundial para conservação de florestas

Ideia seguiria os moldes do Fundo Amazônia, diz o embaixador André Corrêa do Lago, negociador-chefe do Brasil na cúpula

Fonte: Folha

Data: 24 de Novembro, 2023

4) Giant batteries drain economics of gas power plants

Giant batteries that ensure stable power supply by offsetting intermittent renewable supplies are becoming cheap enough to make developers abandon scores of projects for gas-fired generation world-wide.

Fonte: Reuters

Por: Sarah McFarlane and Susannna Twidale

Data: 21 de Novembro, 2023

5) Deep-sea mining threatens jellyfish, suggests first-of-its-kind study

Sediment dislodged by ocean-floor mining could disrupt jellyfish metabolism, potentially causing the animals serious harm.

Fonte: Folha

Por: Natasha Gilbert

Data: 21 de Novembro, 2023

6) In Brazil’s Amazon, a clandestine road threatens a pristine reserve

The makeshift road tears through the emerald canopy, splintering one of the Amazon’s most pristine corridors of rainforest. Along the edges of the road, running through the heart of the Terra do Meio Ecological Station, swaths of jungle have been razed and turned into pasture.

Fonte: Folha

Por: Ana Ionova

Data: 24 de Novembro, 2023

7) Pecuária especulativa desmata mais e produz menos carne

A análise da Trase mostra igualmente que 11% dos municípios bovinicultores concentram 95% das derrubadas para pastagens.

Fonte: O ECO

Por: Aldem Bourscheit

Data: 24 de Novembro, 2023

8) Verra Launches New Era of Forest Protection with Transformative REDD Methodology

Verra, the nonprofit that serves as the world’s leading standards setter for climate action and sustainable development, today unveiled its transformative new methodology for protecting forests. It includes a new approach to setting baselines for calculating emission reductions from forest conservation activities under the landmark Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program. And, for the first time, it better aligns with the national accounting approaches under the Paris Agreement – opening the door to a new era of global investment in protecting nature.

Fonte: VERRA

Data: 27 de Novembro, 2023

9) Environmental photographer of the year 2023 – in pictures

Category winner – Adapting for tomorrow – Intruder. Photograph: Anirban Dutta/EPOTY23

A termite-snatching drongo, cows wading through flood water and a coral glowing like a Christmas tree are among this year’s winners. From CIWEM and WaterBear, and presented by Nikon in association with MPB and supported by Arup, the 16th year of the contest showcases global environmental photography to inspire change and climate action. The six winners primarily come from climate-vulnerable countries, including Bangladesh, India, and Argentina

Fonte: The Guardian

Por: Matt Fidler

Data: 27 de Novembro, 2023

10) Air pollution from fossil fuels ‘kills 5 million people a year’

Of more than 8 million deaths worldwide from outdoor air pollution, 61% linked to fossil fuels, finds study

Fonte: The Guardian

Por: Andrew Gregory

Data: 29 de Novembro, 2023

11) Exploding Carbon-Credit Market Helps Brazil Regrow Rainforest

As more companies offset emissions, many are funding projects to reverse rainforest destruction.

Fonte: The Wall Street Journal

Por: Paulo Trevisani e Luciana Magalhães

Data: 1 de Dezembro, 2023

12) EXCLUSIVO: Amazon investe R$ 90 milhões para gerar crédito de carbono na Amazônia

A gigante do comércio eletrônico Amazon fechou um contrato com a startup Belterra para gerar créditos de carbono com a restauração da floresta Amazônica, ao mesmo tempo em que beneficia pequenos agricultores da região. O investimento da empresa começa em R$ 90 milhões, mas pode ser multiplicado muitas vezes, a depender do sucesso da empreitada.

Fonte: Capital ReSet

Por: Vanessa Adachi

Data: 1 de Dezembro, 2023

13) Microsoft investe em créditos de carbono para reflorestar Amazônia

Startup de restauro Mombak vai prover 1,5 milhão de créditos de restauro até 2032; valor da tonelada não foi divulgado

Fonte: Capital ReSet

Por: Ilana Cardial

Data: 5 de Dezembro, 2023

Boletim Financeiro Verde


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